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01 –     Our exclusive “Lowest Cruise Price in the USA” Guarantee on all 4/5 star-rated lines.

02 –     All Churchill and Turen guests always receive more then they would have received had they booked their cruise or tour directly. Always.

03 –      Staff has been named to the list of the 100 Best Travel Specialists in the World since the list began.

04 –     You will work with a travel professional with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

05 –      We offer an exclusive “Price Protection” Guarantee on every vacation we plan. If the price goes down – you are protected.

06 –     We qualify each client for every category of discount and we list the discounts in writing.

07 –     Unlike so-called “we do everything travel agencies”, we have specialized in cruise and tour planning since our inception. We do not work for the airlines.

08 –     Our consultants have appeared on the list of “The World’s Best Travel Specialists” thirty-seven times – more than any other travel firm in the United States.

09 –     Our “Second Opinion” service saves you money eight out of ten times.

10 –     There are no fees of any kind in conjunction with our cruise and tour planning services.

11 –     Travel + Leisure Magazine named us one of the nation’s top twenty vacation planning firms.

12 –      Our new clients come to us exclusively by referral from existing clients.

13 –     We are one of the most successful niche travel firms in the nation. The New York Times recently profiled our success.

14 –      We are members of Virtuoso, the travel industry’s most prestigious “by-invitation-only” organization. Less than 1% of the nation’s travel agencies qualify for membership.

15 –      Last year, the 311 members of Virtuoso sold $5.4 billion in leisure sales. That translates into clout. We are literally the “top producing agents” for 90% of the top echelon cruise lines.

16 –     Each of our clients received complimentary membership in The Voyager Club for frequent cruisers.

17 –     Our clients can choose from more than 750 hosted sailings on the world’s top ships. Benefits include complimentary cocktail party and a truly memorable shore excursion, usually including lunch.

18 –     We have personally sailed on more than 160 voyages worldwide. Our knowledge comes from personal experience.

19 –     Travel Weekly Magazine described our firm by saying that “truth in travel is clearly the niche at Churchill and Turen.”

20 –     Our staff never recommends any product based on the commission earned. Our entire business focus is ‘what is best for the client.”

21 –     We are entering our twenty-fourth  year in business.

22 –      Our clients live in 47 states, Canada, Europe, and Australia. 76% of our clients live out-of-state. We serve our national following with toll-free lines.

23 –      Members of our staff have lived abroad. We frequently lecture on international tourism.

24 –      Our company President worked on the television series “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”.  She knows the world’s best luxury hideaways.

25 –      Our Managing Director was the Headmaster of an American school in Europe and worked for the Love Boat for a decade.

26 –      Our Family Travel Specialists are experts at matching families with the very best on-board children’s programs and family tour departures.

27 –      If you are planning a honeymoon you will get to work with the “World’s Best Honeymoon Specialist” per Conde Nast Traveler in 2010.

28 –      Our Managing Director is an Editor at the nation’s leading industry magazine.

29 –      Our Corporate Credo is carried by every staff member – it is in writing and is available to all clients.

30 –      We have an affiliated Churchill and Turen office with 54 employees in Florence, Italy.

31 –      Guests receive our excusive “Trip Preparation Report” containing the latest advice and strategies for traveling abroad.

32 –      Each invoice is customized to our clients specific needs and requests. We do not use computerized invoice systems.

33 –      Unlike the vast majority of travel agencies, we book every vacation offline. We do not use airline software to make vacation arrangements.

34 –      We meet personally with the managers of the world’s top resorts and hotels in face-to-face meetings at twice each year. Our client’s reservations are often brought to the attention of top management.

35 –      Our clients receive complimentary upgrades at most of the world’s top-rated hotels and resorts. We offer more hotel and resort amenities than any other travel entity on the planet.

36 –     Our access to the Virtuoso Air Desk allows us to offer special contracted rates in Business and First Class on some of the world’s most prestigious airlines.

37 –      We have planned numerous multi-generation family gatherings around-the-world.

38 –      Our web site,, is unlike anything on the internet. You will receive untainted travel advice and recommendations free of advertising bias and sales pressure.

39 –      Our clients receive complimentary travel publications suited to their lifestyle. Our magazines contain a summary of the best current quality offers in the marketplace.

40 –      Our clients receive the latest special offers and exclusive amenities directly from the world’s best cruise lines and tour operators.

41 –      Our clients can join The Royal Cruising and Touring Society. Membership entitles them to a menu of benefits. No other firm in the nation offers the advantages of RC&TS membnership.

42 –    Our supplier standards are among the most stringentrecommendations as well as the latest health and safety advice.

45 –      Since our staff does not work on commission, you will never feel the sales pressure that is so common on the internet and in traditional travel agency offices. We often talk clients out of a planned trip if we feel that is the best advice.

46 –      We evaluate and rate the Top Ten Cruise Lines in the World and make that information available to our clients. Our ratings are updated often to reflect product changes and quality. We are never afraid to name names.

47 –      The owners of our firm handle the vast majority of bookings and are always available to speak directly with clients. Your vacation is never planned by a recent travel school graduate or a run-of-the-mill travel agent working off an airline computer system.

48 –      Each year we personally escort “Signature” cruises and tours designed exclusively for our clients.

49 –      Our access to wholesale package rates in Hawaii and Mexico, with sharply discounted airfare on name carriers, enables us to provide cost effective vacation packages without the need to select from a set brochure program.

50 –      The sum total of our assets is our cumulative knowledge and our personal concern for the outcome of every single vacation that we plan.



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