Q – This is a rather fascinating site. As a resident of  Manchester U.K. I must admit that some of the cryings about travel displeasure seem uniquely American in nature. I have been planning my own travels with few issues for about twenty-five years. But I have just recently run into a stone wall trying to get confirmed on a Silversea sailing from Tokyo. I wrote a letter to management indicating that I take at least one major trip a year etc. but that has done little for my status. Do you have any suggestions to get the space cleared? Do they work these wait-lists conscientously. Any tips would be appreciated. We Brits do like to mind our manners and keep our place in line – but not necessarily in Manchester. Keep it up.

A – Let’s look at it this way. You represent a potential booking. One small piece of the cruis line’s annual revenue. Our firm belongs to a consortium group of top-producing agents. It is a “By Invitation Only” organization. In 2023 we did a total of $23 Billion in luxury sales and we are the top-producing group for most of the major luxury brands. Then, drill down a bit to who we are and what specific revenue we might product for a top-ranked cruise line. By failing to take advantage of advocacy and oversite you have placed yourself in a position to lose this soccer match. A bit of advice for getting space cleared:

  • Work with a top-producing travel advisor well known in executive circles at the line. It will cost you nothing and may well get you cleared.
  • Have your advisor help you design a brief bio that highlights your unique ability to generate word-of-mouth bookings for the line. That bio should be submitted with a special request to the travel advisor’s personal sales manager at the line. That won’t clear the space but it very well may move you up on the waiting list.
  • Put it all in perspective: Japan and Iceland along with Grand Voiyages of more than 24 Days are currently booking up faster than the vast majorioty of cruise itineraries in the luxury sector. They should be booked 14-16 months in advance to assure that you will get what you are seeking.

Good Luck with Liverpool.