Q –   We are going to be headed to Rome and points south for two weeks in early October. (I know you are aware of this). May I suggest that you try to include more coverage of questions related to food and dining both in the US and abroad? Here is an example: My sweet Mrs. has gone fishatarian, or what ever you call it. No meat but lots of fish. We are wondering in Italy or back home in Boca, if there are specific nights of the week when restaurants  have the freshest food. I tried to research this online and got a bag of nonsense. Fully understand there may not be an answer. Thanks for everything.

A – That is an interesting question and we do believe that there is one best answer. It applies to both Italy and Boco – something the two towns have in common.

The answer is never discussed publicly because it would serve to possibly discourage dining out on other nights not recommended. But chefs and upscale restaurant insiders know the following to be true:

Due to warehouse rules and driver union contracts, weekend food deliveries of fresh fish and meat rarely takes place on the weekend. Weekend diners are eating food that was likely delivered to the restaurant several days earlier. 

Most top tier restaurants receive their fresh fish and meat deliveries on Tuesday mornings (many restaurants are closed on Monday). Industry pros prefer to dine out on Tuesdays when the food is most likely to have “arrived that day”.