Q – While we would enjoy boring you with the details, you are well aware of the cruises we have booked over the course of our eleven-year relationship. We are ready to commit to something new and exciting for 2024 but we are looking for something completely different – a destination of true exploration where ships rarely go. Unfortunately, we have been spoiled and we find that five-star cruising has absolutely nothing in common with adventure cruises where you spend your days trying to get in or out of zodiacs or larger ships that seem to appeal to aging “funsters”. Is there one, off the charts, truly unusual itinerary we should look at that takes in portions of the world in about two weeks on a ship that might meet our quality requirements. Or to put it another way, a destination where my uppity next-door neighbor has never been.

A – Thanks for your rather challenging question which, perhaps, could have been shortened to just your last sentence.  We do think you should strongly consider one of two sailings in May or August on the Seabourn Pursuit that operates between Sydney and Guam on a superb fifteen-day itinerary called The Isles of Papua New Guinea. The Pursuit is technically an Exploration vessel – but it is oh so five stars we don’t really think that will be an issue for you. And the chances are your neighbor has not yet been to Vonavona, the Russell Islands, Ifalik Island or the ever-popular Woodlark Island among others.