Q – We have just been approved to visit Cuba with a small group. This has been a rather long dream of ours. They are suggesting we bring lots of cash but my wife and I would much rather rely on our credit cards. Do you know if Mastercard or American Express would be more widely accepted? We have just started researching this but that is our major question at this point. Although we will be in a group, do you feel we will be safe in Cuba?

A – Switzerland or the Vatican might have been safer choices but the dancing is much better in Cuba. We do want you to do a fair bit of research before you set off on this “cultural” journey. For now, we would advise:

  • Credit cards are generally not accepted from US banks in Cuba. You will likely pay most of your expenses to the tour organizer upfront. Bring enough cash to cover several days of emergency expenses. Do not attempt to hide it. Declare it when you go through customs.
  • Leave all expensive jewelry and country club insignia clothing at home. No one needs to know you are Americans – although it is highly likely they will figure it out about ten feet outside the airport. 
  • Be open to the food but be cautious about drinking non-bottled water.