Q – 12.4.23 – The wife wants to see Egypt and, as a Philly girl, she has little fear of wandering virtually anywhere on God’s green earth. So we are booked on a tour in January of 2025 with Kensington that includes a four-day Nile cruise. We just found this travel Q&A site (thank you) and were wondering if you feel this program is at all likely to operate? What is happening with the current crop of Egypt tours with wives even crazier than mine? Have they all been cancelled? 

A – As of this morning, the situation in Gaza worsens, talks have broken down, and virtually no tours within Egypt have been cancelled. Egypt is a sort of ally of the United States and it has a rather serious interest in maintaining the safety of tourists as well as the country’s tourism infrastructure. All tours are currently operating.

No one can predict where this is all headed. The Chief Political Officer of Hamas actually resides in Qatar and now discussions with Qatar as a mediator have broken down. But there is hope. The answer to your question is a strong “probably”.