Q – 10.22.23 – So here is my dilemma: I am 64, my husband is 69. Next summer he has a big birthday and he deserves a great travel gift. But like so many of our friends, we are getting a bit concerned about the War in Israel and all of the demonstrations we are seeing.  I had planned to surprise him with a trip overseas but now, I feel restricted. He loves exotic locales, snow rather than beachy, and he loves to wander quaint streets without a lot of tourists and speaking with the locals.

I want to surprise him with a trip in a place I know he will feel safe yet a place that is really different enough to allow him to do some wandering and take some memorable shots of the two of us. We are not foodies and, while not on a budget of any kind, we certainly don’t expect five-star hotels wherever we end up going. Oh, one other rather important thing – he does not enjoy flying. A one-stop would work but nothing more than that. A city of several million is something he would hate. We live in Cincinnati and that is as much city as he ever wants to see. I know this is a tough one but just wondering if you might have a suggestion. Thanks so much for a really different website. It makes me feel like I have a friend in the “business”. 

A – First, thank you. And let us say “you do”.

We have put ourselves in your place and we can only respond with a location we would personally love to explore. Why not surprise him with a trip to the World’s Largest Island”, Greenland. There is the capital Nuuk, but we are thinking that he almost might prefer Ilusissat, a truly picturesque outpost that sits on a fjord surrounded by icebergs. Of course, getting to Greenland’s second city is no easy task but there is some good news regarding transportation to Greenland.

Starting in 2024, Icelandair will begin new service through its hub in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. Currently, you would have to get off in Reykjavik and get to a second, smaller airport for the lift into Greenland. Now, you will have a simple stop and then proceed non-stop from Reykjavik to either Nuck or Ilusissat Airport. They are working on airport improvements and a slow growth in tourism as we speak. But you will be ahead of the herd if you plan something for this coming summer and your husband’s 70th. Hope this is helpful.