Q –  This is all great information but, as a frequent business and soon-to-be-retired leisure traveler, I’d love to have access to some of the industry materials that you are featuring on this site. I hope you will consider making a suggestion or two to a wanna-be travel nerd”. I would love to be able to discuss your industry intelligently with friends.

A –  There are any number of excellent consumer mileage and air-centric sites such as “View from the Wing” and “The Points Guy”. You might also want to follow travel via the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, The Washington Post, and, for the most truthful expertise, the New York Times. But to follow true industry stories that consumer sources usually overlook we would suggest a subscription to Travel Weekly (note that our Editor is the Senior Contributing Editor at TW) and Travel Pulse which offers a good news digest on a weekly basis. But put your quest in perspective. 99% of all articles about our industry are written by writers who have never worked in travel. Always be skeptical about what you read in a travel-advertising-heavy consumer publication. If you want to test this theory, Google back articles that explain why consumers who book hotels and other services directly are entitled to a refund of the built-in travel agent commission. See how many articles you can find that even touch on this subject. Crickets.  

And always remember “traveltruth law # 17”: Anything you ever read in any consumer or industry publication has likely (over 90-% of the time) been written by a travel writer who owes payback for a complimentary or reduced-rate trip. There is only one publication we are aware of that does not accept comp travel for its journalists and you can probably figure out who it is.