Q – We are thinking about a Danube River Cruise on Uniworld that will sail from Budapest this August. In sort of preparing for this journey I see that Hungary is ruled by Victor Orban, a rather right-wing, authoritarian ruler. We are in our late sixties and not all that much traveled. Not sure I want to go anywhere where there could be dangerous street demonstrations. If Orbin caused some commotions would I be able to get my money back? Is this a trip you would do? Is August the right time to do it?

A –  If you don’t wish to travel in Europe in countries led by, more or less, authoritarian leaders, you might try skipping Italy as well. If the idea of very strong right-wing opposition parties frightens you, add France and Spain to the list. We have spoken to Victor and he assures us that Budapest and the waters of the beautiful Danube will be safe to cruise when you are there.

You would not get a refund for civil disturbances unless Uniworld determined that it was not safe to cruise there. That would be their decision – not yours.

Sadly, you have chosen a month to cruise the Danube that we are encouraging travelers from the States to avoid. The heat issues and the crowds do not bode well for a stress-free journey. Add the heat to the possibility of Orbin’s friends tossing rocks at you as you sail by their villages, makes us think that you should re-schedule your plans. For the Danube, the ideal months are May, September and the first three weeks in October.