• Q- How can Viking Cruises claim it has consistently been voted the world’s best cruise line when, based on Cruisetruth information, it clearly isn’t? Are there any laws in travel related to the claims made by various cruise lines or tour operators as to the quality of the product and whether or not they are actually five-star or something different? I mean they can’t all be “The World’s Best” – can they?
  • A – If you read the wording on the awards they will usually read Reader’s Choice” or words to that effect. That means the readers of the various publications have sent in votes for their favorites in assorted categories. Publications are motivated to list as many awards as possible so the various cruise lines can use them in their advertising. As Viking continues to grow, the sheer number of past guests will grow to provide a nice reserve of potential “Best”  voters. Look for them to win many more “Reader Choice” type awards. There is so much more we can say on this topic but, for today, let’s allow Viking to make their claim. In fact, there are other lines that make far more outrageous claims in their brochures and advertising. For the most part, Viking lists the awards it has won but makes no claims of five-star status that we have detected.  It is sadly true that “Truth in Advertising” statutes have rarely, if ever, been applied to the travel industry. These firms are essentially allowed to use words like “five-star”, “deluxe”, and “top-rated” with impunity. That, by the way, is one reason that we launched Cruisetruth almost two decades ago.