Q – Thanks to your efforts, we are looking forward to a cruise from Copenhagen to Stockholm next summer. We have decided to arrive in Copenhagen two nights prior to our sailing on the Regent Splendor. We would love to stay at a well-located, reasonably-priced hotel and go out to a nice dinner before boarding the next day. Any recommendations for an interesting hotel experience along with a Vegan-centered restaurant recommendation? We have been assured by your Team that Vegan dining aboard ship is not an issue.  Just wondering if you are coming across many Vegan travelers in your work? 

A – We’d suggest a stay at the new Villa Copenhagen, a four-year project to convert the post office next to Tivoli Gardens into a $215 Million 390-Room property with a striking rooftop pool. Rates will co9me in at under $300 for a standard room and you’re perfectly close to the action. You can walk the streets and watch some of the world’s “happiest” residents frowning their way through the city.

For the best Vegan food in a city renowned for its creative cuisine head to Restaurant Ark which is very close to the worth visiting Torvhallerne food halls. Try to order a dish made with produce from the staff’s private mushroom farm (no not that kind). 

The facts regarding vegetarian dining in America are quite surprising. Forty-six percent of the U.S. adult population always or sometimes eats vegetarian meals when eating out. Twenty percent of U.S. adults always or sometimes eat vegan meals when eating out. Four percent of American adults are vegetarian (including vegans) all the time, and half of the vegetarians are also vegan (two percent).

Enjoy the schrooms and don’t forget to board the Splendor the next day.