Q – 5.14.21  Thank you for all of this – extraordinary info. We are planning a tour to Egypt that will include a cruise along the Nile for four nights. This is a bucket list item and I am an advance planner. The dates and pricing for our planned travel about two years from today are not out yet but I am told I can have our names placed on a wait-list with a deposit. We will then be contacted when things are set. We are working with a local agent in our town who is encouraging us, naturally, to deposit.  Are there risks involved? Is 24 months in advance rushing things? 

A – Egypt touring with Nile components is among the five top worldwide destinations that are selling out far in advance of reservations elsewhere. The demand is high with visitors from North America, Asia, India, and Europe. For one of the better, most reliable tour operators the idea of placing your deposit down far in advance of pricing is a sound one as some departure dates could sell out within days of being announced. The deposit will serve to hold your place – space will be offered to your agent before the departure is opened to the general public. We want to be certain, however, that you have something in writing certifying that if you are unhappy with the pricing presented you can drop out and receive a full refund. You should receive a confirmation in writing from the supplier care of your advisor showing the wait-list confirmation.

Travel to Egypt is challenging, worthwhile, and dependent on the quality of the operator, the hotels, the guides, and the boat used along the Nile. This is an example of a destination where budgeting is unwise. Take security into account as well. Stay at one of Cairo’s top-grade hotels. Standards decrease rapidly. Be prepared for Cairo’s pollution.