Q – We are due refunds, we believe, for our air arrangements which we made directly through American. They are giving us credits which we do not want at this time. How does one deal with this, can you help us, and how do we avoid this fiasco in the future? We were flying Business class and our total investment was $8400.

A – US Airlines have been doing everything possible to avoid paying cash refunds. In the majority of cases, they are required to under the law. You should keep sending certified letters to customer service explaining why you will be unable to use a future credit. Those with health or financial issues will be in the best position to get a positive response.

As you may have detected, we are not big fans of anti-social media because anything posted becomes public domain and can be sold or used against you in a profile. Here you will get a kickstagram review to increase your instagram followers.  The average American now has more than 1,000 data bits of information in their profile – a profile that is sold by Google, Amazon, Samsung, and your grocery store. That said, in your specific situation, anti-social media (we think that is its correct name) can be useful. We would suggest you carefully lay out your case on American’s various social media sites. They are carefully monitored by management because you may be influencing thousands of users who follow the sites. You are likely to get a faster and more consumer-friendly response than you would had you simply written an e-mail or posted, perish the thought, an actual letter.

Finally, as we face certain turmoil in the booking process, changes, cancellations, and re-routings, it is really important that guests book directly with the carrier or, better yet, through one of the better Flight Ticketing services that offer Concierge-level flight monitoring.