Q – Any big difference in the S1 or the S2 staterooms on the Crystal Ravel? Any locations in either category we should be avoiding? Thank you for the best, most helpful sites for travelers seeking straight answers minus the advertising hyperbole.

A – Both stateroom categories are identical at 253 sq. ft. and King beds, believe it or not, facing the water. Both come with push-button panoramic balcony windows which are much preferable to ting walkout balconies. The only difference is the deck location. The S1’s are on the top passenger deck and the S2’s are on the deck below which, on every other riverboat would be the middle deck. Crystal does not sleep guests on a third deck. They reserve that deck for the crew which essentially means that much of their crew sleeps one deck higher than they would on other lines.

In S1, we want you to avoid # 300, 301 and 311. In s2 Category try to have your consultant stay away from 200, 201, 215, and 217.

Never let a call center “cubicled head-set” choose your cabin assignment. Only amateurs do that. And never assume they’ve sailed your vessel. The chances are they have not.