Q – Two questions,

1- We want to book a river cruise for next October 19th on Avalon’s Active Discovery from Prague to Budapest We are getting a bit anxious about the low water levels this year, but of course realize that no one can predict next year’s level.

Another option is for us to go in June. Any recommendations for the best chance to avoid inadequate water levels, whether high or low?

2- Any reviews on Avalon’s Active Discovery Cruises run by Globus?

Thank you so much for a prompt reply.

A – The reviews for Avalon’s Active Discovery Programs have been good. The line has done an excellent job branding the kinds of physically active activities offered by many of their competitors. It is the way that river cruising will attract a younger demographic and it is what river boat executives are talking about in their boardrooms. We are seeing a decline in interest in traditional historical touring within Europe and the riverboat experience is part of that trend. 

Avalon has designed a number of programs that include hiking, biking, and kayaking.  One of their competitors, AMA Waterways, has teamed up with famed adventure travel company Backroads to create unique activities for travelers who want to get out and explore on foot and on bike without the need to sit in a tour bus for several hours. 

We are not particularly enthusiastic about your intended travel dates. Our rule of thumb, when it comes to the Elbe, Danube, Rhine, or Moselle rivers is to have our clients home by October 15th. The rains can be bothersome during the last two months of October and all of November. We feel that these are times best avoided on the rivers. As the rain increases, so can the condition of the locks along the route. Flooding is not predictable but a late October departure increases the odds of a water level issue. That is one reason that you see price breaks during this period.