Q – We are rather active travelers just now thinking about doing a riverboat cruise. We would be bringing our own helmets and would want to go bike riding just about everywhere along the Rhine itinerary. If there are castles to be seen, we’ll ride up the hills to see them, albeit we may stop for air once or twice. Don’t want to ship our bicycles river so our question has to do with which of the river boat lines have the best supply of bicycles so we are not disappointed and the best overall riding programs should we want to join others?

A – The best overall riding programs are going to be offered by AMA Waterways in conjunction with Backroads, a noted bike and walking tour operator. A range of AMA trips are themed “active” for people like yourselves, although many of the riders who sign up may pass you on the hill when you stop for air. Then there will also be the riders on the other end of the scale who had no idea they were booking into an active tour – they usually pass on by mile marker three. Scenic and Emerald are also very strong options for bike riders. Tauck and Uniworld also have some nice bikes available for guests. If you are looking for the best overall programs, concentrate on AMA and Scenic.