Q –  We are about to sign up for our first river cruise next July on the Amsterdam to Budapest itinerary you seem to feel is the best for first-timers. We can’t decide between a Category 6 and Category 7, their top category. It appears, from my readings, that the Category 6’s have been “redesigned” to have beds facing the windows. We also notice that the Category 7 seems to carry a supplement. Would really appreciate any comments you might offer as to the better cabin category choice. Thank you and “Let’s Make America Great Again”. 

A – Thank you for your question and for helping us get that phrase right. We saw some folks from afar wearing these red caps with white (oh so white) letters and we could swear they said “Let’s Make American Airlines Great Again”. Sorry, our mistake. 

Your itinerary is our favorite – but at 15 days it is a tad long for a first river cruise. If you have the time, the finances, and the desire to see the best of several of Europe’s legendary rivers on one itinerary, the Amsterdam-Budapest, or reverse, is the perfect option. The Category 7 will cost you about $1200 more per person on that route. The Category 7’s have a French and regular balcony and they are 300 square feet. Many guests love them because they are on the upper deck and have a larger bathroom than Tauck’s other stateroom categories.  There is a larger seating area, a walk in closet, and you are able to order in-room breakfast service in the top suites. 

Our recommendation would be to strongly consider the Cat. 7 because this will be a two-week sailing. Were you ding a more typical seven-night cruise with some land touring at either end, we might recommend the Category 6. We are providing photos of each so you can compare.