Q –  We are planning early for a Christmas Cruise for about ten days. Our agent has highly recommended the Oceania Serena 10-Night Holiday cruise which includes Cuba. The ship seems smaller than what we’ve sailed, which is what we want, and the fact that we can easily drive to Miami for the round-trip sailing makes it really attractive. We’re less concerned with cost than we are the quality of the program and our overall cultural experience. Always wanted to visit Cuba. Wondering if you think this is one we should book? (We’re in our 70’s and have done three previous cruises – all on Celebrity)

A –  We would have reservations regarding the advice to proceed with reservations on this sailing. If you want to experience Cuba, one day in Havana sandwiched between Key West and Honduras may be disappointing. This is really a seven-night cruise with two days at sea and a half-day on a private Bahamian island. We think there are better options. We suggest you keep looking. Have your agent give you a few more itineraries including, perhaps, Sea Dream and Windstar. And if you really want to look at an inclusive Cuba cruise, look at Ponant’s immersive itineraries.