Q –  We are, I would say, professional foodies who read restaurant reviews from all over the world in bed each evening. We’ve been to just about half of the Michelin multi-starred restaurants in the United States and we are “Top Chef” addicts. So, imagine our delight to find that Thomas Keller is now affiliated with Seabourn and he will have a Grill on every Seabourn ship. Here’s the thing – if we go on our first cruise we’d want to dine at Keller’s restaurant every night of the cruise. Can you folks make that happen or can you put us in touch with someone who can?

A – You will be conformed for one or two nights at Thomas Keller’s restaurant aboard your Seabourn ship. The reservations may be requested in advance after you have made deposit. Based on your level of accommodations, you may be able to secure a second reservation. The maitre’d may be able to accommodate you aboard ship if there are no-shows. But no one at Seabourn is going to deny other guests the opportunity to dine at Thomas Keller’s on-board restaurant because you decided to want a table every night of your cruise. It just isn’t going to happen unless you manage to somehow marry into Keller’s family – and we’re not at all certain that would work. So, you will need to look forward to dining at the restaurant just once or twice while playing nicely with the other kinds aboard ship who will also want their turn. Even Oprah couldn’t get you seated each night of your cruise.