Q – We have avoided all cruise lines and have traveled extensively (4-6 months annually) on our own for the past fourteen years. Can you recommend a true, high-quality small cruise line that serves organic food at all meals? The destination is less important to us than the food offerings as we have seen most of where we want to go.

A – Until Whole Foods decides to enter the cruise business, we won’t be seeing a cruise line meet the demands of those seeking a 100% Organic diet. Shipping organic food to each port would be a costly logistical nightmare and per diem costs would skyrocket. Research does not support the notion that there are enough people in the organic movement willing to support a costly cruise product. 

Many restaurants are having difficulty sourcing organic food. Chefs in Paris have complained that they cannot find the amount of organic goods to sustain a menu on a daily basis. Then there is the concern about liability. If you advertise “all organic all the time” and are caught serving food that is not certified, the potential for a lawsuit exists. It sounds to us that you should continue foraging for yourself as you would likely be disappointed by the lack of certified organic products on-board any ship.