Q – We are drilling down to make a decision on choosing a ship for a 2018 Around-The-World sailing. Can we book this through you and can you help us decide? We’re looking for a sailing that might be really elegant, I’ve had a very good year in the market, a bit dressy from time to time, somewhat intimate, with interesting fellow guests who know where the salad fork is located. I suppose there are two important things about the itinerary – we want to really see Hawaii and the South Pacific by ship and we want to spend a few days in Australia and New Zealand. Everything else would be icing on the cake. We’re really leaning toward one of the longer cruises but not the Oceania 180-day. Something between that and the typical 90-days would be ideal. We’d also want an inclusive experience as I’m not paying for this sort of cruise and putting up with being charged for drinks etc. We know we are late as these cruises are less than a year away. But, first and foremost, would you be our advisors on this one. We donlt mind paying fees for your services. Does one cruise seem best for us based on what I have told you so far?

A – We will be pleased to help you and we charge no fees of any kind for world cruises or any of the other escorted land and sea programs we recommend. We charge no fees for work involving any of our Top Ten Rated Lines. The cruise that seems to come closest to your description is the 121 sailing on January 6th of the Silver Whisper from Los Angeles to Rome. You will have ample time in the South Pacific as well as Southeast Asia. The cruise includes time in Tahiti, Hawaii, the Greek Islands, India, Singapore Vietnam, Hong Kong and other places too numerous to mention here.

We think that Silversea has the blend of sophistication, size, and elegant style that you are seeking. But we still will want to talk you through all of the options. Availability is an issue and several categories are sold out as of this writing. This will be the trip of a lifetime and, it will allow you to hit a great many places on your bucket list without the name to fly hassling with your luggage. As with any travel of this length, it also helps that a full-time physician and staff will be traveling with you.

By the way, you will be our first guest to ever refer to their World Cruise as “The Big Louie.” It does have a certain ring.