dream-cruisesQ – In researching a planned cruise to China, we’ve come across a line called Dream Cruises. They seem to be really under the radar and are not even reviewed on Cruisetruth. Is this a red flag or just an oversight?  Wondering if we should include Dream on our “possible” list which currently includes Crystal and Silverseas? Any insights would be appreciated. By the way, I am curious – who funds this site? It would seem that you have a fair number of writers/employees and, with no advertising, I am wondering how you turn a profit?

A – Dream Cruises is a new venture launched by Genting Hong Kong, the company that bought Crystal Cruises in 2015. Genting took two new-builds that were going to be deployed by their Asia-based brand, Star Cruises. The two ships, including the Dream, are scheduled to sail a combination of two-five-and seven-night itineraries in China and Vietnam. Unlike virtually all other new China-based brands, Dream is catering to an upscale Chinese market. Let’s call it four star luxury. It is not competing with Crystal int he five-star arena. On some sailings, guests coming in from abroad can sail out of Hong Kong.The new ship will have 35 food and bar venues as well as no less than five private Karaoke rooms. Daily room rates will average under $200 USD which is still higher than the per diems currently in place on less expensive competitors. Unless you are seeking a truly in-depth experience on a Chinese ship catering to guests from the Pearl River Delta area of China, we would suggest you seek out one of your alternative options.

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