azamara-cruise-ship-renovations-20150604-1024x576Q –  We’ve relied on this site a great deal as we’ve planned for our first cruise to Europe. We did Azamara in the Caribbean and absolutely loved it. Your review was dead on. It seemed the decor was getting a bit tired but now that the Journey has been refurbished, we think the 11-night cruise from Venice to Civitavecchia sounds really interesting. As our previous experience is only with seven-night, and one disastrous four-night, jaunts in the Caribbean, we wonder if you can break this down for us and tell us if we’re on the right track? 

aza_journey_atrium1-1024x679A – We like this itinerary and the October 3rd departure date gets you cooler temperatures and a 50% reduction in the crowds you will encounter during your journey on the Journey. You may encounter rain during the final week. But we think the trade-off for an excellent itinerary is well worth the risk. Here are some things we particularly like about this itinerary:

  • Overnight in Venice
  • Highlights of Croatia
  • Nice selection of Greek island ports
  • Two nights along Amalfi Coast in ports unavailable to larger ports
  • 11-nights is, in our view, the right length for a cruise of this type.
  • This itinerary illustrates Azamara’s lack of interest in days at sea. There are none – perfect for those who enjoy actually experiencing Europe.