carnival-buffetsQ – We have done two cruises on NCL and one Costa. We are now ready to step up. As we read your excellent reviews and information we see no mention of Midnight Buffets, something we would always look forward to on our previous cruises. Which lines in the Top Ten have them.

A –  Midnight Buffets are associated with mega-ships and traditional cruising. The better lines do not find that their guests want to be offered massive amounts of food at midnight. The chances are that they have been asleep for two hours by the time midnight rolls around. For those who are hungry, top-level lines offer decent 24-hour room service.

Sorry to be breaking this bad news. You will also need to accept the fact, while you will no doubt see fois gras and caviar, offered with champagne, the waiters will not be prancing through the dining room with “Baked Alaska” held aloft. It is a different reality. There are professional cruise psychologists who will help you make the adjustment.