sea-dream-deck-aQ – We were in a netherworld of fake reviews and reports by “critics” after their free trips – so really glad to stumble upon your site. (As a person who works in PR, I’d suggest you think about hiring someone to publicize you. Everyone knows Cruise Critic – but no one knows you) I’ve decided to come to you for advice and, if you’ll have us, we’d love to work with you. Here’s the issue – after doing whatever due diligence one can do on the various “all the cruise lines smell like roses” sites, I think we’ve narrowed it down to Sea Dream (yes, we understand the cabins are smallish and the ships are thirty years old) or Seabourn. My husband is a workaholic – the deal is that he won;t be bringing work along if I pack my Victoria Secrets favorites. I suppose this is a fourth or fifth “honeymoon” opportunity (don;t you dare use my name) and we need to choose the line that might be best suited to a sudden decision to “just stay in our cabin”. Love the site, and thank you for editing out the inane and the mundane.

A – For a “honeymoon” we are going to recommend Sea Dream. It is a more private and intimate experience. You will be able to dine alone when you wish, and the beds are the same size as they are on Seabourn, although the cabin itself will be smaller. But given what you have described, either can work. Asie from the itineraries, we would suggest you think about your preference for a large yacht or a small cruise ship. If your answer is yacht, go with Sea Dream.

Thanks for your PR advice. In our 30-year history we’ve managed to grow entirely on word-of-mouth and we intend to keep it that way. We’re not counting “likes”.