carnival-fantasy-slide-cQ – This whole concept of a place where people can learn how things really work in the cruise industry is great but that is not what this site is. As an agent, I would love to use your material for my clients but you are intentionally listing only the most expensive lines when you know damn well that Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian dominate the industry. So you are really turning your backs on most of the agents and most of the lines they book to, instead, promote the most expensive lines.  That may be one reason the big lines are not advertising on this site. Wise up. We’re not stupid.

A – We are dreadfully sorry that we have not been following your guidelines so that you may have an easier time stealing our content to use with your clients. So just a few observations that might be helpful:

The material on our sites is copyright protected. Our sites are not written for travel agents or commissioned travel sales types. We are not a site that purports to cover the cruise industry. Our efforts are totally devoted to offering the consumer qualitative analysis of the top ten cruise lines in the world. There are thousands of sites that cover the lines you have mentioned. We are constantly being solicited by industry advertisers. We do not accept advertising of any kind so we can remain free to tell the Cruise Truth. Finally, cost is a relative thing. The mass market lines sell top level suites that cost as much or more than accommodations on the world’s very best  all-inclusive small ships. You remind us of the thief who broke into a home in an LA suburb and left a note complaining that there was no deli meat in the refrigerator for sandwiches.