spain-crowded-tourists-bxxxQ – With all the terrorism over there, I am wondering where the Europeans themselves are now going on vacation. I know a lot of them used to go to Egypt but I imagine that has dried up. Are they now avoiding travel and staying home on vacation. 

A –  The Europeans tend to be adults in these matters and they understand the relative risk of terrorism versus, say, driving an automobile. There has been a reduction in European visitors to Egypt – but there is little evidence they are staying away from Europe in general. Since they actually read (England’s readership rate in terms of print media is double ours) they are generally better-informed than Americans are about reward/risk stats.

In fact, Europeans have been putting off vacations in some of the more dodgey areas of the world in favor of vacations on the continent. CNN reports that Spain and Portugal have seen tourism increases of 30% this summer versus 2015.