regent-seven-seas-cruise-dealsQ – We are huge fans of this and each of your other ad-free web travel sites. Appreciate the attitude and the honesty,  We travel exclusively on five-star ships and stay in five-star hotels. We’re planning two trips, one later this year to Asia, and one for next summer in Europe. But as we make our travel plans, we need your guidance on value. What is the best available value in the cruise industry currently for upscale travelers like ourselves. And keep up the good work. 

A – The current best offer award must go to Regent Seven Seas which has announced Free Business Class Airfare on all international itineraries in 2017-18. We have never before seen an across-the-board offer like this since there are no black out dates and even the lowest category of stateroom qualifies for the Free Business Air Program. Perhaps as importantly, this is in addition to, not in place of, what was already the industry’s most inclusive pricing with 2-1 rates, drinks and gratuities, and even included shore excursions in every port.

The Free Business Class Air announcement from Regent took many in the industry by surprise. It would appear that Regent has agreed to give its guests a significant enhanced value ticket without being able to specifically predict what it will cost the company since air costs not predictable. The consumer should assume that a Business Class ticket to Europe has a value of between $4,000-$5,000. These tickets for longer sailings in Asia, Africa, and the South Pacific, have values that can be twice that amount.

Getting Free Business Class Air on all intercontinental itineraries is a stunning offer and no one has matched it.