Azamara-JourneyQ – What amenities are offered on Azamara?  They are named to your list of the best inclusive cruise lines. How do they compare to Oceania in terms of what they offer in their fare?

Oceania InsigniaA – Thanks so much for your warm note!  Azamara and Oceania have both made our top ten list because of their overall quality. rather than their list of included amenities. They are not all-inclusive but they do value-add the experience. Azamara has a more consistent program featuring standard spirits, beer and wine throughout the ship’s bars as well as shuttle service into town centers where practical.

Oceania has drink packages which are often included as an incentive. They do two-for-one fares as well as “Free” air.

These lines are very different with different management styles. Oceania is better at making the consumer feel they are getting a deal upfront while Azamara is better at hyping extra time in port and a destination curious clientele.

In fact, both lines offer an atmosphere of casual elegance with an emphasis on more time in port. We would suggest that you use our formula for calculating per diem rates so you can get past the hype and compare real pricing realities. They both offer excellent itinerary options with the edge going to Azamara. But Oceania has better overall cuisine. Each of these lines is, in our view, a generally superb value.