RB Scenic Self-Drive Bikes BQ – We want to pull the trigger on  a river cruise in 2017 but no one seems to be able to answer our question as to which of the various boats have the best bicycle riding program. We’re in our early sixties and, while I’ve ridden a bike from time to time at home in Memphis, usually in search of barbecue, we cannot be described a s really seasoned bike riders. So big hills are not our thing. Also wondering which itinerary you would look at first in terms of small back roads perfect for exploring. Do any of the companies offer escorted bike groups? Appreciate all the effort to inform.

A –  Scenic has the best current collection of bikes and bike-oriented touring. Along with Avalon, they offer electric-assist bicycles that are extremely popular. You peddle up top a certain peed and then you have the option of kicking in a small electric motor so riding is less strenuous. Scenic carries 30 of these bikes on each of their new generation river boats. AMA and Tauck are also upgrading their bicycle programs to compete with Scenic. Several of the lines offer group bicycle tours. Any itinerary that includes the Wachau Valley in Austria is going to be the best choice for riders, But don’t dismiss the Bordeaux itineraries in France.