river cruising uniworld Beatrice Lobby BQ – Great resource – thanks. We’re a family based just outside of Philadelphia and we are thinking about taking our kids and my mother-in-law on a river cruise next June or July in Europe. Probably the Rhine but we’re open. We’ve had friends go on Uniworld and they were extremely pleased with virtually everything. Here’s the thing: One of my boys is 13 and active doesn’t even cover it.Our other son is 11 and he’s more active than our oldest. I see Grandma loving this experience but I really wonder about the kids sailing a slow-moving boat filled with an older crowd. I sense you’re going to say do it – but I’m having my doubts. Thanks again for all of your efforts on behalf of your readers.

A – We’re going to disappoint you. River boats are, in our view, generally inappropriate for those with serious walking conditions and health issues. These boats have no on-board medical staff. They are also wholly inappropriate for young children. There are no facilities for kids and no on-board staff to deal with them so the adults can dribble in peace.

There are a series of Disney Family cruises with adjoining cabins on AMA. But Uniworld is also in the family market with 13 family departures in 2016. These include guided tours of dinosaur skeletons,  castle tours, mask-making, and on-board language classes. If this all sounds appealing we would pursue one of the scheduled family departures.