Bordeaux Le Grande MasionQ –  After a good deal of research on this intriguing site, we’ve pretty much decided to book Scenic’s 21-Day “Gems of the Seine and Breathtaking Bordeaux.”  I retired in May and we’re now set to start working our bucket list which I’d love to have your team help us with. We don’t really want to do anything under three weeks as it just isn’t worth the extra flight time and hassle to be away for a week or two, given the jet lag and pre-departure arrangements. 

We thought this combination cruise itinerary was perfect and whenever we see a day devoted to “Fois Gras in Bergerac” on an itinerary I suppose we’re hooked.Our question is this. We think that three weeks may not be enough time and we’d like to add another five or six nights in the Bordeaux area. We love small hotels with excellent food and proximity to some of the better vineyards would be a terrific plus. I suppose we are serious foodies seeking out the best possible dining experiences in our travels. 

By the way, you have obviously designed your web site group with smartphones in mind. We love carrying our favorite travel consultants around in our pocket.

A – You must, no matter what it takes, stay at Le Grand Bordeaux, a six-room hotel in one of the most scenic portions of Bordeaux. There are several five-star quality villa hotels in Bordeaux that we use but none of them has an on-site restaurant run by famed French chef Joel Robuschon. You will be in the heart of the wine region. And Robuschon’s cuisine is worth the wait of 21-Days.