G ADVENTURESQ – My boyfriend and I have read most of your site and while there is some interesting stuff I wonder why you don’t talk more about boats that cater to people like us. We’re in our late twenties, have already been to Europe four times, and we’re active and rather hip when it comes to understanding local customs and things. When we think about river boating  we think about going off on day trips that involve hiking, biking, kayaking etc. Do we need to wait twenty years before we do this kind of vacation or is there something out there for travelers who with a younger take on things. We’re not locked into Europe.

A – OK – but let’s begin with a few ground rules. One does not identify oneself as “hip”. That is for others to determine. Secondly, let’s assume that by a “younger take on things” you mean that the two of you have virtually no interest in any immersion to European history. You can, after all, simply Google what you need to know. Right?

Given that, the good news is that there is a company that will be offering reasonably-priced river boat experiences that are geared toward your general age group. G Adventures is a company based in Toronto that has built a strong following among millennial travelers. Later this year, they will be operating programs on the Amazon,, France’s Burgundy region, Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, and one of our favorites – a thrilling expedition along the Ganges. G Adventures will work with your travel agent for seamless coordination. Do be aware that they charter the boats of established operators. You will always want to ask if G has the entire boat or just some group space on a regular departure.

We think this is going to be your best option on the rivers. And “G” is hip! Thanks for spending some time with us. You are correct in assuming that this site does focus on the needs of deluxe travelers seeking the best travel options. When we started this project, we felt that the younger consumer had many good online options for cheapest deals, mass market, international travel advice. But no one seemed to be speaking honestly with the mature, luxury traveler seeking out unbiased advice without insulting ad hype or sales pitches. Let us know how it goes with G.