NomaQ – My husband is an excellent chef and a real foodie – but only a few of our friends in Manhattan really know this. He will turn 60 in February and I want to arrange to fly him to the best restaurant in the world. I really don’t care about favorable weather as this will just be a long weekend, somewhere on the planet, dining in the world’s top dining room. So how do I set this up and where will it be?

A – Right now, that would be NOMA in Copenhagen. But you will need to hurry up as NOMA will be permanently closing at the end of 2016 so Chef  Rene Redzepi can open a new, somewhat larger “urban farm” in 2017. Have your travel agent book the entire stay in Copenhagen, stay at the best hotel;, and have the On-Site, together with the hotel concierge, figure out how to get you in. These are sime of the toughest restaurant seats in the world to book so get started on it right away and don’t commit to air or hotel until NOMA is confirmed.