Lapland at night  AXQ – We’ve reached a point in our lives where we have the income to travel anywhere in the world and to do it in some style. But we’re relatively young and we have two girls ages 11 and 14. Given our age, we want to try to see places in the world that might really appeal to our girls while providing the family with the opportunity to walk, see animals, and experience cultures different than our own. But for the next several years, at least, the focus is on our girls. Any suggestions from your team would be really appreciated.

A –  There are lots of suitable responses but here are some of our personal favorites:

Lapland – Incredibly beautiful snow-filled villages, the northern lights, sledding and other winter sports. Great for the pre-Christmas vacation.

South Africa Safari – A bit of Cape Town followed by a family-friendly safari experience taking in Kruger National Park. This can be followed by a flight over Victoria Falls. Unforgettable.

Sicily CefaloSicily – Not on everyone;s radar -but the kids will love the food and Sicily has awesome beaches. Try staying at Cefalu where you can take hydrofoil boats over to the lovely Aeolian Islands.

Other options you might consider are New Zealand, with many outdoor options and a generally kid-friendly populace, and the Lake Districts of Italy or Switzerland.

Which of the above we would recommend would be heavily influenced by the specific period of time you would like to be away. Make certain that your consultant understands your priorities for this series of journeys. Knowing that this is primarily for the girls, will heavily influence the decision-making process.