Taj Mahal in Distrance SlumsQ – As we work on our future post-retirement travel plans, two things are clear. We want to see some of the world that we’ve missed out on all these years, and we want to stay in touch with traveltruth to help us make plans that will not disappoint. Could you give us a quick list of the most overrated popular destinations that you think we might want to miss?

A – Congratulations on your coming retirement. When ours comes, it is likely we will stop traveling. But then again, we always seem to do things in reverse.

stonehengeIt’s a challenging and quite subjective question. We prefer saying there are some places we would recommend you place on the back burner. Here is a quick list of places well worth avoiding in lieu of much better, more authentic  options:

Athens   –   The Spanish Steps in Rome   –  Stonehenge   –   The Leaning Tower of Pisa   –   The Taj Mahal   –   Frankfurt   –   Loch Ness   –  Buenos Aires   –   and virtually every Caribbean Island on the cruise ship itineraries.