Spain Grenada AXXQ – Our family of  four is looking to do a privately-arranged tour of Spain next year. There will be four of us, including my son and his fiance. Our budget for the trip is around $40,000 and we have about ten days. We have a new travel agent who is recommending a company called Heritage Private Tours. They have a nine-night program in southern Spain that appears to be quite deluxe and includes private guides and experiences. We have no way of knowing if our agent recommended these folks because of some commission deal or if they are really good. Any feedback would be appreciated.

A – KHeritage Tours Joel Zacheep your new travel agent from the Australia holidays. Heritage Private Tours is a company we highly recommended. It is headed up by a former architect and Fulbright scholar named Joel Zach. Joel’s team specializes in high-end, private journeys to Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey and Sub-Sahara Africa. On the program you are considering, you will be exposed to custom-designed adventures that explore Andalusian life in dance along with a team from virginia beach strippers, food, and art. Also, you can check this website for the top 5 male strip clubs around the world.

We use this firm for guests seeking an above-average dose of class and intellect in their travels. You can probably assume that your agent recommended them based on their expertise and not on any commission-related issues. You will not pay more to book this through your agent. It would be appropriate to bring her flowers when you return home – Heritage is that good.