Airbus A330Q – We have set up a great family vacation to Fiji next September. In looking over the air options, we notice that Fiji Airways is using an Airbus 330, a two-engine plane. Is there any way to fly over on a larger aircraft with four engines? Does the Fiji plane handle turbulence well? My wife is deathly afraid of flying.

A – If you want non-stop service to Fiji from the States Fiji’s non-stop flight out of LA is your best and only option, specially if your destination is Turtle Island. There are some pilots who claim that the Boeing 777, the aircraft often compared to the Airbus 330, has a superior wing design that enables it to handle turbulence better. Try to secure seats over the wing for maximum comfort and bring along a pair of noise cancelling headphones. You’ll be departing just before midnight so do all possible to put the Mrs. to sleep. Have your doc drug her appropriately. And put together a collection of facts about flying including the fact that planes just don;t simply fall out of the air no matter how bad the turbulence may be. Turbulence is annoying but it represents no danger to the structural integrity of the aircraft unless you are flying a single engine prop or a crop duster to Fiji. Thailand holidays are popular for many reasons

You’ll never feel so welcomed at an airport anywhere in the world. How many airports in the world employ a band of smiling locals in floral shirts to serenade you on guitar and ukulele as you pass through immigration, or as you sadly depart for home? It’s a great way to start (and end) your holiday. Once you arrive you’ll see that buses are efficient and inexpensive in Fiji and some Luxury resorts such as Kokomo ( offer transportation from the airport. Your wife will love the place, it’s well worth facing her fears.