Crystal Esprit  Night View AXXQ – My wife and I have been following your stories about Crystal and its growth plans carefully. We’re Crystal veterans and, although we’ve also sailed Oceania and Azamara, nothing compares to the service, food, and elegance of our Crystal experiences aboard the Serenity and Symphony. But this new yacht thing has us intrigued. How did Crystal get the ship so quickly, where will it be going, and are they building more? Is this a product you would be recommending? 

A – Actually she is not a new ship. Her prior name was the Megastar Taurus and she was launched in 1989. During the acquisition process, when Crystal’s CEO was visiting the offices of their new Hong Kong-based owners, the Chairman of Genting Tan Sri Lim Kok, asked if Crystal could use a 62-Guest Luxury Yacht. “Yes” was the immediate response and a new segment of luxury yacht cruising was born. Esprit will start sailing in December before heading for Europe to do 7/14 day cruises along the Adriatic coastline. There will be a number of adult “toys” on-board and the private submarine will likely be used for underwater wedding ceremonies. Crystal Esprit Deck Shot   C

This is going to be a rare chance for ordinary upscale cruisers to spend a week or two on a genuine “Billionaire’s Yacht.” Much of the dining options and entertainment you enjoyed on Crystal will be unavailable on this 272 foot yacht so only those familiar with small boat or yacht cruising should explore this option. And yes, there is a sister ship to the Esprit now sailing private charters for Star Cruises under the name The Taipan.

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