Surfing Goat DairyQ – Really cool site and we love the lack of ads, pop-ups, and other distractions. We’re headed to Maui with our 9 and 11 year-old boys and we want to spend a day or two inland. We’ll be based in a family-suite at Kea Lani but would love just a few specific suggestions. Yes, we have used a travel agent and she has been quite helpful – up to this point.

A –  If you head inland make the Surfing Goat Dairy a planned stop. The kids can pet the goats, you can buy cheese, and get a tour of the farm.To get there. We also like the idea of a day on Lanai for kids. It has none of the commercialism of the other islands and is easily reached by day boat from the Maui Marina. Look into The Feast at Lele, a good quality luau that is less Las Vegas than many. Finally, consider taking the kids on a helicopter tour to Hana-Haleakala to fly over the crater.

With two kids you have likely rented a mini-van. Consider ditching it and opting instead for a convertible big enough for four. If you are doing the back roads of Maui you must be in a convertible or you will be viewed as “uncool”.