Apple IpayQ – Although I appreciate that this site deals with upscale travelers, there are those of us in our thirties who can afford to travel well. But to do so, I would want to use my iPhone for payments. It’s just easier. How do I do this?

A – Yes, we understand. Taking a credit card out of your billfold is just so damn time-consuming. If the Apple Pay machinery is working properly, you might save two seconds. Delta Airlines is the only major airline currently on-board with Apple Pay. But you have to access it through their “Fly Delta App” so there goes the two seconds.

We think you will see other airlines quickly following Delta’s lead. In 2016 it is estimated that about 18% of all online airline bookings will be made via smartphone technology. This means that everyone is being trained to squint at flight schedules at fares in the palm of their hand. The airlines love this because it cuts their distribution costs. This is not good news for online travel agencies who, of course, have their own smartphone apps.

The consumer meanwhile will look back wistfully and recount stories for their grandchildren about the time they actually got to deal with a human being when making flight reservations.