Lucerne Switzerland BXQ – Retiring (I hope) in 2016 and will be traveling through Italy from Sept 15 to about Sept 30, 2016 with another couple. Flying out of Chicago (Oak Brook) My wife and I plan to take the train to Lucerne for a couple of days after leaving Rome (been there before and loved it). Thinking of taking a river boat cruise around Oct 1st and flying back out of Amsterdam. Since I will be retired – I have plenty of time. Is this our best option or should we look for different itinerary ?

A – It is tough to make snap judgements without all the facts. Donald Trump can do it but we can’t. Given the fact that you want to spend time in Switzerland, we would look at the itineraries that begin or end in Basel. Uniworld, AMA, and Viking River have good itineraries in the region. We would suggest you look carefully at AMA’S Enchanting Rhine program that gives you two nights in Zurich and two nights in Lucerne mid-cruise.