New Zealand Queenstown Stratosphere Restaurant AQ – We’ve been looking at several ways to do  Australia and New Zealand including cruising on Seabourn or Crystal, or possibly doing a land tour like Tauck’s 20-Day Grand Australia and New Zealand. You seem high on Tauck as a company and wondering what you think of their A/NZ trip? By way of background, I’m a scriptwriter in the LA area and I’ll be traveling with my wife who is a radiologist. Both mid-fifties, not especially well traveled, good health, love walking and seeing as much as possible when we travel. Both into photography and I don’t mean iPhone snaps. Price not really an issue. Mingle well with other humans but like quiet moments. And, finally, as I suspect you have already guessed, really into wine and experiencing some great stuff from both countries, particularly Syrahs. Likely our only trip to this part of the world so we want to choose the best option. Neat site.

A – Short of doing a personalized designed trip, which we would recommend if you were going to be joined by several friends, the Tauck Tour is going to be your best option. You will see far more of each country than you would trying to do a cruise. Sailings that include both Australia and New Zealand need to incorporate several wasted days at sea. Some of the best locations in each country are inland. The Tauck program gives you eight full days in New Zealand and only includes one single-night hotel stay so you are seeing a great deal and not unpacking every night. You will be able to dine by yourselves even while dining in a restaurant with the group. That is an important Tauck benefit. To maximize your photo ops with the disposable camera you use, and to truly assist the Australian and New Zealand vintners with their bottom line, the tour is clearly the better option. If you’re someone who is into the food and scene of Australia, you should try out the Swan Valley Wine Tours. They offer a unique and luxurious way try wine and tour around beautiful vineyards in a limousine.