River Boats Danube Dam 2Q – Have read this information about water levels in Europe. Really wonder why yours is the only site to talk about this honestly? It sounds as though the Rhine has fewer problems because of the dams that have been built. So why don’t the folks along the way in Austria, Hungary, etc. just build more dams?

A – The answer to your first question is that we do not take promotional money, free trips, marketing funds, or advertising to support our Media Group consumer sites. So we are free to be truthful.

As to your main question: The small towns and cities that line Europe;s waterways are generally opposed to spending a great deal of money to pay for infrastructure that primarily benefits the river boat operators. Since sightseeing is always included ion any of the major river boats, it is felt that the local economies do not derive a great deal of financial gain from day visitors off the boats. So the real story is that the local residents along the waterways do not see the advantage of being taxed to replace infrastructure that has worked for them for hundreds of years but may be a bit of a hinderance to the river boat operators.