Organic Food 2Q – We are only eating organic food. No sugar, grains or butter. Beef must be 100% grass fed, chicken must be organic and pasture raised (not cage free) Salmon must be wild Alaskan (Frozen is ok).

I have contacted Silverseas and Regent but find they really do not accommodate organic. Do you know of any travel companies cruise lines or river cruises that we might check out.
Let me know if you can help.

A – We are afraid not. The best we can come up with is to suggest that you bring home some of your favorite organic food, prepare it it in your kitchen, and turn on some old episodes of Love Boat.

Here’s the problem. It’s a cost thing. The food purveyors who deliver to cruise lines and river boats are not able to stock organic products to be shipped in bulk. If they did, the cost would be astronomical. There are also some marketing implications inherent in offering organic food in large dining rooms. It would imply that the food the majority of guests are eating is substandard, something that the lines certainly would not do willingly.

The closest you are going to get is a cruise or river boat chartered specifically for vegans. (Yes, we know that veganism and the organic movement are two different things) There is a company called Vegan River Cruises that is based in Munster, Germany that you may want to contact.

Or, you might want to loosen up and start to really enjoy fine cuisine. And if you lose two or three years at the end, who really cares? The 90’s are just not that much fun from what we hear anecdotally.

Finally, we should make mention of the serious liability any cruise or river boat company would be taking on if it claimed to have an organic menu. Mislabeling happens more often than we imagine. No one wants to be sued because the Salmon being served in the dining room was raised in New Jersey instead of Alaska.