Bucharest AXXQ – My husband and I are looking for a mid-to-late August River Cruise. Preferably from Bucharest to Budapest. We’d like to spend some time in Prague pre or post cruise. Very confusing on best cruise that fits us. Can you assist?

A – If you don;t mind, we are going to use your note as a bit of a “case study.” Ask any web site that claims to specialize in cruising this kind of question and they will get back to you with an immediate suggestion and some sort of “deal” if you give them your credit card right away.

We do take on the most interesting of the potential clients who contact us. But there is no way that we are going to try to dazzle you with an immediate answer. There are many things we would need to know about you before making any serious recommendations. How old are you? How ell traveled? Have you cruised any of the world’s top ten rated cruise lines? Why have you selected this itinerary? What are your service and dining expectations? Do you want a top tier cabin (Many of them are sold out for the 2016 summer season on the better lines)? How are your walking skills? What is your “Sophistication Comfort Index”?

Once we know the answers to these and other questions and we have had an opportunity to speak with our voices instead of our thumbs, we will begin to swiftly narrow down all of the options out there to the one that most closely fits your profile. And one thing you can count on – our recommendation will not be based on the commission level of the specific line.

Other than that, you can count on one more thing: We will make every effort to talk you out of traveling to Europe in late August.