Last Minute Deal River Cruises CXQ – I would enjoy a themed cruise around wine and/or food, but my wife doesn’t care. Is there a possibility of reduced pricing if we waited for a last minute booking?

A – No. River boats offer their best rates to those who book earliest. They assume guests speak to one another about pricing matters and they realize that travel agents would be really upset with the line if clients came home saying there were people on the boat who received better pricing because they booked at the last minute. By giving those who book earliest a discount, the river boat companies are using a rationale that is easily understood by all concerned. The whole notion of last-minute space on river boats is often understood. The fleet generally goes out full. These lines have offices in several parts of the world and they have travel agents and travel writers they would love to have fill those available cabins. The fact is that so-called “last minute space” hardly ever exists. And if there are a few empty cabins, most of the sales and marketing executives we’ve spoken to feel it is better to sail with them empty than to create a potentially distressful situation for guests who booked at the appropriate time.