Hotel Deals   Find the Best Deals BXQ – We were reviewing your truly ambitious site. You have set yourselves quite a challenge. But how are we to trust your information when we read that “if you know the price you’ve paid for a hotel room – you’ve paid too much.” Please explain. Otherwise love the information and the way it is presented without “commercials.”

A – You are taking a sentence out of context. There was a long explanation that led up to your quote.

When you book a hotel online or directly with a hotel, you are receiving a rate that is in the public domain. It is available for everyone to see. The very best rates are not available to foreign tourists who book their rooms online or directly with the hotel. They are contracted rates available only to local travel firms that do substantial business in the destination. These are known as “In-bound” travel specialists. They book complete programs for individual travelers or groups. They negotiate and receive special discounted hotel rates in a confidential tariff. In other words, the rates they get cannot be revealed online or even directly to a travel agent. They are incorporated in a proposal that might include transfers, sightseeing, as well as accommodations. The best hotel rates are contracted, confidential rates. You will receive a total price for your arrangements but the actual, per night charge for your hotel room will not be broken out separately. That is how to get the best hotel rates worldwide.

If this all sounds circuitous, it really isn’t. Every travel agent who belongs to one of the major consortiums works with in-country experts who use these special confidential, contracted rates. It is really true that you have paid too much if you know the cost of your hotel stay. But we truly do understand that this is rarely discussed openly and so it sounds suspicious.