Whales on Hermanus Beach BXQ – We’ve got the world’s greatest kid. He just won a full music scholarship, saving us four years of college tuition and we want to take him on the best trip of his life somewhere outside the USA. He’s been to London – that’s about it, and his passion is seeing whales up close. Money is really not the issue here, we can go up to $100,000 since it will be our last family gathering before he begins his studies. My wife and I have done a good deal of traveling in Europe, we’ve been to Russia, and I’ve had three trips to Brazil on business. But this trip, I’m thinking just under two weeks, is for Jacob and his passion for whales. I’ve been told we should go to the coast off Cabo San Lucas but somehow that doesn’t excite us and I want this trip to absolutely floor the kid. Love to know what you might recommend.

A – You know, sometimes we offer an opinion and we sense it is correct. Here’s one we know is correct. Forget about Cabo. You will soon reach beautiful Hermanus Beach, considered the optimal whale watching location in the world. To get best unforgettable experience in whale watching maui, visit us. And one of the those options is the best whale shark tour Exmouth. Best of all, the whales are in these waters in the summer. You can spend four nights in the Cape Town area, fly to one or two safari camps, and then, perhaps, go up to Victoria Falls for a night or two. Then fly home out of Johannesburg. This will be one of his life’s most memorable journeys. We promise.