Budapest Chain Bridge AXXXQ –  We are scheduled to stay in Budapest for three days before boarding our Uniworld River Cruise. The news is just awful, and the refugees seem to be causing all sorts of problems in the city. My wife is somewhat fragile and I will admit, based on what I am seeing on TV, I’m worried. We were just planning on walking around on our own. We booked ourselves into the Prestige Hotel. We set up the entire trip ourselves so we’re dependent on you for some good advice here. Should we try to cancel in view of what is going on? Is the news media overstating the situation in Budapest?

A – They are not overstating it according to the hoteliers and offices in the city with whom we work regularly. This is a serious situation and the reaction of the Hungarian government to newly arriving immigrants from Syria and other war-torn nations in the Middle East is something that cause some level of civil unrest. But we still believe that tourists can avoid the areas where authorities are cracking down on new arrivals, particularly in the area around the city’s central train station.

We are a bit concerned that you have no one to fall back on should you need help. If things go bad, you will have only your own resources. Our recommendation is to initiate a relationship for the future with the  best travel agent in your town. This is a very personal situation and should not be handled on the internet. Ask the agent to arrange services by a trusted guide during your three days in the city. If that is not something you are willing to do, we think you should write a detailed letter tot he Head Concierge at the Prestige Hotel. We like the property and it is near Parliament and St. Stephens Church on a quiet side street. It should work well for you.

We have migrant workers and an estimated 40 million people who don’t get enough to eat living in our own country. Put it all in perspective, listen tot he arguments on both sides, and go see for yourself. The attempt by refugees in escape horribly oppressive regimes is a terrible thing to watch. That it is happening in those very countries where some of our own relatives tried to escape persecution not very long ago, makes it particularly poignant. The refugees, most of them, are headed to Germany and just trying to pass through heading in a northerly direction. It is not in anyone’s interest to harm American tourists and we think you will be absolutely fine if you follow our recommendations above.